Kearsarge Community Band

KCB Logo white on redIn 1839 the Union Band was formed in New London “for the cultivation and improvement of our musical faculties.” There is no information on how long the Union band stayed together, but we do know that various New London bands were organized and disbanded over the next 150 years. In the spring of 1991, retired Army Colonel John Baum placed an ad in the local newspaper inquiring about forming (“rejuvenating”) an area band. Having had responses from what he considered to be enough people, he secured the Andover Elementary School as a place for the first practice. Ten musicians arrived and during that first night of practice they sat at elementary school desks, sans conductor, and played from one piece of music which Col. Baum had purchased to start the music library – a compilation of marches.

The Kearsarge Community Band now numbers over 50 musicians and has not lost sight of the original intent of the 1839 New London band, to “cultivate our musical faculties,” as we continue to “make good music for the fun of it!”



  • Slapdash March – Priit Raik
  • American Variations – Jerry Bilik
  • Transylvanian Lullaby – John Morris/ arr. Douglas Wagner
  • Bond…James Bond – arr Stephen Bulla
Kearsarge Community Band
Kearsarge Community Band

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